DIY Miniature Fairy Garden Ideas

Find out how to make a DIY miniature fairy garden and get ideas for this enchanting and fascinating garden trend, suitable for both kids and adults.

1. Broken Pot Fairy Garden

Broken pot? Make a fairy garden!

Broken Pot Fairy Garden


2. Fairy Garden with the Castle

DIY reuse your broken planters to make this beautiful fairy garden.​

Fairy Garden with the Castle


3. DIY Sparkly Beach Stone Fairy House

Stock up on smooth round rocks from the beach. You can get your kids creative to cover the rocks in paint and glitter. Add a few “fairy” touches like mini mushrooms and a birdbath to complete the fairy garden.

DIY Sparkly Beach Stone Fairy House


4. DIY Teacup Fairy Garden

Grab a teacup to create this little vignette. You’ll have the perfect mini garden for your apartment or windowsill.

DIY Teacup Fairy Garden


5. Wooded Wonderland

This mossy hill is just the place to relax among cork mushrooms in the looking glass pond​.

Wooded Wonderland:


6. Fairy Door Clay Pot Planter

This fairy door clay pot planter is an easy DIY that is super cute and will look fabulous in your garden. Check out the popsicle stick fairy doors too!​

Fairy Door Clay Pot Planter


7. Fairy Garden

Garden in a pod is the most common style with miniature plants and decorations.​​

Fairy Garden


8. Wooden Box Fairy Garden

​An old drawer is a perfect fit for this fairy garden, with its tiny birdhouse and birdbath, garden chairs, watering can and pretty arch.

Wooden Box Fairy Garden


9. Mini Garden in a Mini Pot

Beautiful mini garden.​

Mini Garden in a Mini Pot


10. Suitcase Fairy Garden

​Create your own little world with a vintage suitcase fairy garden. In just an hour you can furnish your own secret garden with fairies, plants, moss, and other miniatures for a wonderful display.

Suitcase Fairy Garden


11. Fairy Garden Wishing Well

Make a Wish! – Now that’s a lovely fairy garden well.

Fairy Garden Wishing Well


12. Stone Fairy House

Simply made with a one planter base and a few tiny fairy accent figurines. With a beautiful, heart-warming tone, This miniature fairy garden comes with an adorable miniature cottage, fish pond, stepping-stones, fire pit and of course, a couple of chairs.

Stone Fairy House


13. Tiny Fairy Garden

Tiny Fairy Garden


14. Enchanted Door Fairy Garden

Create a miniature fairy garden filled with magic!

Enchanted Door Fairy Garden


15. Beautiful Mini Garden

Beautiful mini garden​ with a real twig arbor, a hand-painted, white, picket fence made with match-sticks, and a tiny patio chair and table set.

Beautiful Mini Garden

via 625cruseavenue

16. A Lakeside Cottage Fairy Garden

Miniature fairy garden with lake.

A Lakeside Cottage Fairy Garden


17. Fairy World in a Basket

Very creative idea to use a basket ​to create a fairy garden.

Fairy World in a Basket


18. DIY Beach Fairy Garden

Bring the beach vibes home. Add moss, marbles and a few toys to create the ultimate beach vacation right on your porch.

DIY Beach Fairy Garden


19. Tiny Hammock Life

Try tying embroidery thread together with twigs and scrap fabric to fashion a little hammock.

Tiny Hammock Life


20. Fairy Garden in a Bucket

A bucket can be transformed into a very magical location for a fairy garden. The lilac blooms are truly beautiful and the little red house is absolutely precious.​

Fairy Garden in a Bucket


21. DIY Fairy Garden

This little DIY project installed in a larger and shallower pot has that whimsical, handmade charm because of the simple tree house and small sparkling pond.​

DIY Fairy Garden


22. Fairy Garden Inside a Small Grapevine Sphere

This little fairy garden almost looks like a scene from a snow globe.  The grapevine sphere is really beautiful and delicate, and it blends in quite nicely with the garden’s base. The decorations inside are quite neutral, but they stand out beautifully.​

Fairy Garden Inside A Small Grapevine Sphere


23. Fairy Garden Broken Pot

​Magical broken pot fairy garden.

Fairy Garden Broken Pot


24. Bird Bath Fairy Garden

Beautiful terraced miniature garden straight out from a fairy tale.

Bird Bath Fairy Garden


25. Magical DIY Fairy House Planter

If you’re into fairy gardens, you’re going to love this DIY fairy house planter. This working planter is decorated with your favorite fairy miniatures!

Magical DIY Fairy House Planter


26. Terra Cotta Pot Fairy Garden

Celebrate in miniature – Make a fairy garden.

Terra Cotta Pot Fairy Garden

via backyardpatch

27. Miniature Garden in a Pot

Bonsai trees make a very realistic miniature garden.​

Miniature Garden in a Pot


28. Magical Fairy Garden with Lights

Add some whimsy to your life with this cute little creation and make a tiny garden complete with twinkly lights. Create your own fairy tale story with this beautiful, tiny wonders.

Magical Fairy Garden with Lights


29. Fairy Garden DIY

Easy fairy garden DIY.

Fairy Garden DIY


30. Barbecue Themed Fairy Garden

This project involves a lot of pieces, but you get to recycle barbecue into an adorable summer conversation piece. And you never have to worry about over-cooking your burgers.​

Barbecue Themed Fairy Garden

via gardenthymewiththecreativegardener

31. Small Indoor Fairy Garden

Everything becomes cuter when it’s shrunk down to miniature size. Twigs look like giant trees and miniature ferns turn into a lush forest for the fairies.

Small Indoor Fairy Garden


32. Popsicle Stick Roof Cottage

​Craft the cutest cottage ever with a popsicle stick roof and a lot of glitter. Top it off with a faux butterfly and wait for the fairies to move on in.

Popsicle Stick Roof Cottage


33. Perfect Fairy Home in a Cup

​It was just a chipped teacup — until they transformed it into the perfect fairy home..

Perfect Fairy Home in a Cup


34. Fairy Garden in a Terrarium

Make a magical forest terrarium​.

Fairy Garden in a Terrarium

via cupcakesclothes

35. Tree House

​If you have a big enough tree in your backyard, the roots can easily become a magical gateaway for fairies.

via elowezil

36. Pinecone Fairy House

To make creative fairy house, use dried birdhouse gourds and pine cones.

Pinecone Fairy House

via alittlefurinthepaint

37. DIY Flower Pot Miniature Fairy Garden

There are many ways to create a whimsical garden but the greatest way is by making a flower pot miniature fairy garden. You will have a lot of fun while making it. Your fairy garden pot will definitely become the centerpiece of your garden.

Diy Flower Pot Miniature Fairy Garden


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