Characteristics Peruvian Guinea Pig Care Guide and Daily Grooming

Characteristics Peruvian Guinea Pig Care Guide and Daily Grooming

Peruvian Guinea Pig – The Peruvian test subject is the ultimate ice-breaker for loved ones coming by for dinner. This majestic-looking guinea pig with long, moving hair is genuinely a special breed of test subject and not your ordinary home pet dog.

Compared to the common American guinea pig, the Peruvian is practically like an unicorn cavy. Although the Peruvian has an energised, sharp and also total terrific character, there are a lot of points to consider before you decide to pick one up.

For correct guinea pig care with this type, it will certainly need a great deal of time– mainly spent on pet grooming. Let’s better check out the Peruvian Guinea Pig.

Peruvian Guinea Pig Origins

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Where did these magnificent guinea pigs appear from? And exactly how did their layer hair obtain so long? As a result of exactly how special the Peruvian guinea pig looks, some could believe that they were reproduced in a laboratory, like the Skinny Pig.

However in fact, they are belonging to South America. Particularly, they are thought to stem from countries such as Bolivia, Argentina and also naturally, Peru. Therefore, Peruvian guinea pig.

But these pets were not constantly preferred pets, especially when they were only in South America. Back in the 16th century,

Peruvian guinea pigs were restored by French European investors to France to be trained. It was thought that the Peruvians came to the United Kingdom through France. And from there, this type began to get popularity amongst families and houses worldwide.

Peruvian Characteristics

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The Peruvian test subject is undoubtedly not your daily cavy. They have unique physical qualities that make them extra unique.

For instance, the Peruvian can expand to be a rather huge test subject, typically larger than any other type. But despite their larger dimension, they have an abnormally small head as compared to various other breeds like the American.

Peruvian Guinea Pig Hair

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One of the most notable characteristic is their lengthy locks of hair, creating an attractive layer. It’s not a surprise that the world document for longest hair on a guinea pig layer is the 20 inches on a Peruvian.

I would not recommend expanding out your Peruvian’s hair this lengthy since it would need a great deal of grooming deal with the everyday basis.

A lot of people get them mixed with Silkie guinea pigs due to the fact that they both have long straight hair, yet they are in fact very different. A Silkie’s hair sweeps back and over its head, whereas a Peruvian will have its hair split on top of the head as well as component along the spine.

When their hair is fully grown out, it’s type of hard to inform where the head is. Just compare the pictures of the two, you’ll see it!

While the leading layer of the layer could grow up to 20 inches long, the bottom layer won’t expand greater than 7 inches long.

They resemble the Abyssinian test subject yet have a lot longer hair and have two rosettes rather than 6 to 8. Likewise, if you intend to reveal your Peruvian guinea pig at competitors, the two rosettes are called for.

Peruvian Coat Colors

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The coat could can be found in a big variety of colors and patterns. There are single tinted Peruvian test subject, which are referred to as “self” Peruvians.

Although it is not unusual to see one with two colors, a tri-colored Peruvian is the rarest. In fact, they are the recommended layer pattern option for those that prepare to reveal their guinea pig.

The most usual shades seen in this type includes white, dark brownish, brown or even black. I have actually seen grey tinted coats, however they are not very common.

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Peruvian Guinea Pig Personality

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The Peruvian Cavy have been recognized to be really interested little pests. Some test subject breeds are extremely shy when it pertains to checking out, however that’s not the situation with many Peruvians.

And although this may seem like an unfavorable characteristic for a target animal, they are likewise very alert and aware of their environments. They do not just blindly explore.

A Peruvian test subject is a loving cavy that extensively enjoys the firm of human beings. Take some time out of your day to play with them and also they will actually enjoy you. After they become comfortable with you, you’ll hear all type of guinea pig appears.

They are a really social breed, so it might be a good idea to give them a cage mate. Just ensure the cage is huge enough to avoid any cage dominance and also fights.

Peruvian Guinea Pig Care

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As you may have guessed, the biggest concern with this breed is the long-haired coat. They require a lot of care, especially with the grooming.

The best thing to do is to aim to keep their cage and atmosphere tidy. The long hairs have the tendency to grab a great deal of debris and dirt in the enclosure, just from walking. There is no way to avoid this, you simply have to maintain the cage clean as well as decrease the amount of things stuck in their layers.

Of course, the Peruvian test subject should be brushed like no other. Daily brushing of the hair is essential and some proprietors even comb two times a day.

Cleaning is for removing the particles in the coat, yet it likewise acts as a way to maintain their hair from tangling. If your Peruvian’s hair tangles, it might trigger a lot of anxiety on them by making it very uncomfortable.

As for food and diet plan, they will certainly eat like the majority of test subject. There is no unique diet plan needs for the Peruvian guinea pig. This implies, top quality pellets, a great deal of timothy hay with the periodic Vitamin C since their bodies can’t naturally generate this essential vitamin.

Don’t hesitate to feed some fruits like apples as deals with every so often. It’s important to keep in mind that these creatures are herbivores, suggesting they only consume plant. Do not feed them anything else.

That is the Peruvian For?

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I would certainly not recommend the Peruvian test subject for little kids, instead explore American test subject. This breed is usually increased by lovers and/or grownups with adequate time to care for them. It’s the reason they typically aren’t as popular regardless of the numerous pros.

If you plan to flaunt a guinea pig in competitors, this is a great breed to consider. Simply make sure you can allocate sufficient time to do so.

Where to Find a Peruvian Guinea Pig For Sale?

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I will not exist, it’s rather tough to find a Peruvian. Huge industrial animal stores and even tiny neighborhood stores do not typically bring this breed. And they aren’t precisely the most typical breeds discovered at test subject saves.

However, with a little of research, you will be able to locate some guinea pig reproducing clubs or specialty Peruvian breeders that might or could not be around your area.

If you truly desire one, just keep looking. They typically aren’t impossible to discover, however when you do, they’ll be worth your time.

Taking Care of A Long Haired, Peruvian Guinea Pig

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Peruvian test subject are the most effective known and most stunning of the lengthy haired guinea pig types as well as their lengthy, smooth hair could grow to flooring size (12 to 14 inches) or perhaps longer in program specimens. They were one of the first lengthy haired breeds to be selectively reproduced for showing in the fifteenth century.

As their hair is so long, they can in some cases be misinterpreted for wigs as well as bring in numerous comments varying from “Which end is which?” to “May I pat it?”

Caring for a Peruvian test subject can be a great deal of responsibility, so they are not ideal as a very first test subject or as a very first animal. People usually keep Peruvian test subject for showing and also breeding.

However they are high maintenance as well as call for far more treatment than various other types, with alert brushing as well as bathing regimens and a focus on outstanding health as well as health and wellness.

General Peruvian Guinea Pig Hair Care & Daily Grooming

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Peruvians come in Agouti, Marked, Tricolour, Bicolour, Self or Solid colours, which are a lighter color of colour than other test subject. The breed wonders, enjoyable loving and sharp.

Various other long haired test subject types include the Sheltie (Silkie) which has hair expanding backward from its face (or from the neck in a mane) and also Texels, which have coarse, curly ringlets.

The long hair of a Peruvian test subject is brought on by a gene as well as they are not able to brush themselves due to the length. The hair parts down the back as well as drops to the floor, covering the face.

Many Peruvian proprietors maintain the hair rolled up between shows to avoid matting, as a matted coat causes discomfort as well as irritation and the skin beneath could become aching, infected and sore.

Huge mats can likewise affect the test subject’s capacity to feed itself if it happens under the chin or hinders leg motion if on the legs.

Normal clipping, day-to-day pet grooming as well as day-to-day examinations are a should to check for staining, particularly during warmer climate or in warmer climates. Examine especially around the back side for a tidy base and wash the hindquarters when they end up being dirtied.

Daily Grooming (Continued)


Groom your Peruvian guinea pig daily, brushing the hair in the direction it grows. Use a soft brush that gets rid of loosened hairs, tangles and also pieces of branch, completely dry leaves or burrs that could be caught up in the hair. Having a brushing regimen from a young age will certainly enable your Peruvian test subject to get utilized to gentle daily pet grooming.

If you are not planning on showing your Peruvian, after that it might be far better to maintain their hair trimmed so it won’t tangle or get filthy so quickly. Lots of show breeders bind the hair on cells paper as well as secure it with elastic band, to keep it gorgeous and also out of the way.

It is very important to maintain Peruvian guinea pigs in sanitary problems or their hair will certainly come to be matted and also they will certainly be at threat of fly strike.

Fly strike takes place when flies are attracted to pee and also faeces as well as lay their agitate the guinea pig, causing maggots to feed on its body cells. A Peruvian test subject could pass away within days of obtaining fly strike.

Hair Loss & Barbering

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Often when Peruvian guinea pigs are bored or hungry, they will munch away at, barber or “strip” their companion’s or their very own hair. This hair eating has numerous causes, consisting of monotony, excitement, genetic tendencies or perhaps dietary deficiencies.

To help with monotony, invest more time with your guinea pig, get a buddy or improve the cage. Enjoyment and anxiousness are particularly visible when your animal is taken care of by a complete stranger and also ends up being anxious. Gentle handling and also a quiet atmosphere will help them to calm down and loosen up.

Barbering could be a household trait, handed on from parent to kid. If a mom chews test subject hair, then children can learn how to chew too.

Child Peruvians can be made fairly hairless by this, so it is necessary to provide Peruvian guinea pigs with enough hay as well as food for them to eat, as well as an interesting environment and also companions.

Test subject can additionally chew hair if they have a lack of roughage or are lacking a nutrient in their diet. Offering a wide array of foods to eat will certainly assist with this.

If hay, a peaceful setup, the ideal diet plan and focus from you do not stop the hair eating, after that it might be time to prepare a haircut.

Some people are not sure about using hay if a test subject’s hair is maintained long, as it can trigger issues with matting and include in tangling. If you are attempting to keep your Peruvian test subject’s hair long, try using dirt cost-free shavings rather than hay.

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Loss of hair & Diet

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Test subject shed hair all year round yet moult much more in spring and also fall, when they renew their layers. Uncommon quantities of loss of hair can suggest an inner health issue, such as scurvy or a lack of Vitamin C. As they do not make their own Vitamin C, they require it given in their food.

Test subject pellets (that are less than 8-12 weeks old) may have Vitamin C in them. Vitamin C breaks down conveniently, so having fresh pellets on a regular basis is a must, or the Vitamin C won’t exist.

Make certain to include vegetables and environment-friendlies to a guinea pig’s diet regimen, and do not rely upon pellets alone to satisfy this requirement.

Vitamin C declines can be included in a test subject’s water resource (include 1-3 mg of Vitamin C for each and every 100g of body weight), nevertheless opinion is separated on this.

Vitamin drops have been known to trigger dehydration, which is intensified by possible warm stress in Peruvians, so it is not suggested. Supplying Vitamin C in food is the most effective way. Do not provide your guinea pig multivitamins as they can be harmful to them.

Some Notes On Comfort

Peruvian guinea pigs might be much more in danger of warm stress and anxiety, because of having a lot of fur. Thus, proprietors must be vigilant regarding guaranteeing the correct temperature, with cooling techniques utilized throughout heat.

As they are more likely to have veterinarian visits, Peruvian test subject can locate it more difficult to go to the veterinarian, so added convenience is needed around these events, including focus and also food benefits.

In some cases, Peruvians might find grooming as well as cutting difficult, so taking additional care to do it delicately and make it a pleasurable experience will certainly benefit all.

Mommies might find it tough to registered nurse their young, as babies could have trouble discovering the nipples under the long hair, so tying it up or offering a hairstyle would help in suckling.

Lengthy hairs touching a Peruvian test subject’s eyes can create irritability and also damages the surface of the eyeball, so rolling up hair or having a haircut could also assist with this.

You can inform if your pet is healthy as it will have clear, intense eyes, a tidy nose and also clean ears. Its coat will be smooth and also glossy as well as it will certainly be alert and active. A veterinary assessment is required at the very least yearly for an annual check up to earn sure that the guinea pig remains in good health literally.

Hygiene & Bathing

A Peruvian test subject’s cage must be cleaned daily. Some owners change the soiled bed linens each day, while others clean up the entire hutch. A Peruvian test subject’s look and emotional state will endure if it is kept in a dirty cage. Faeces, pee, decomposing food and also stained hay make the cage unclean, so regular cleaning is needed to prevent health problems.

Remove the floor clutter and change it if it ends up being filthy. Restore hay, water and food bowls, making certain that nothing stays with food containers and that they are washed periodically.

As quickly as the cage walls look dirty or scent, it will have to be hosed out, scrubbed with disinfectant, rinsed and allowed to completely dry prior to it is utilized once more.

Lots of people will certainly inform you that test subject ought to not be bathed, but for Peruvian guinea pigs, it is a crucial part of life, to maintain their hair and also skin tidy. Heat water to a lukewarm temperature and only load it to upper body elevation. Position your test subject in so it could put its feet in all-time low of the bathtub.

A lot of test subject strive to get away from water, however Peruvians need a lot of bathing, so getting them utilized to having a favorable experience with gentle handling as well as added interest often assist.

Use non perfumed items for cleaning– a moderate baby shampoo or soap is recommended. After the bathroom, wrap your Peruvian test subject in a towel and also wait on the hair to dry off a bit.

Hairdryers can be frightening for guinea pigs and also heaters can create heat stress and anxiety in Peruvians, so if you have a way of drying out the hair without excessive heat or noise, utilize that.

Or else, air drying in a cozy environment is fine. Brush or comb the hair as well as provide your animal a cuddle as well as food incentive to relax them down afterwards.


Peruvian guinea pigs are judged mainly on their hair of hair (regarding 70%). Attention is positioned on the thickness and also condition of the layer and the moves of hair to the sides, rear and also over the head.

Show Peruvians have to have two rosettes on each side of the rump and also their hair should extend so that it is tough to tell the front from the back.

Having a Peruvian test subject is a great deal of work, yet can additionally be lots of enjoyable as well. Of all the test subject types, Peruvians require one of the most amount of focus, love and also participation.

Due to everyday routines of grooming as well as hygiene, Peruvian guinea pigs are extra closely bound with their proprietors and they are more likely to become a crucial pal in your life. They also supply superb photo opportunities and also draw in lots of interest for both owner and pig!

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